In search of a simpler, healthier lifestyle

I’ve always wanted my own vegetable patch and have always been fascinated by the idea of growing my own food. I also read about the practices employed to mass produce food these days and I feel that I really want to get to a place where I know where the majority of my food comes from and to produce a good proportion of it myself.

Last year I had a bit of go at setting up a vegetable patch in the garden. We had an area of overgrown weeds that had been untouched for some time and we dug it over and planted some vegetables with variable success. As you can imagine, the weed situation was interesting and soil was not very good quality. It was full of rubbish and masonry and very heavy clay. However, last was a good start and I learnt some things along the way. The leeks were brilliant and the peas were a disaster. The rhubarb is clearly endlessly forgiving and fed us well for a month or two.

This year my partner John persuaded me that rather buying a couple of cheap raised beds that we should lay out the patch properly. So we ordered some scaffold boards, bought some gravel and grit and set about creating some raised beds. I was not very sure about the colour of the wood preserver, which was advertised as Autumn Red, and let me assure you is in fact bright orange, but the colour is growing on me and the patch is starting to take shape.


So far we have two beds in place and room for another two. I have also hankered after a greenhouse forever and have dreams of a dwarf wall wooden greenhouse but I need to wait for that. I don’t have the finances for a start! However, I have purchased a interim measure that I am extremely pleased with!


So the plan is to try and produce as much of our food as possible at home. I am very inexperienced and this is a huge learning curve but so far it has been very enjoyable. More anon.



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